Monday, January 28, 2008

Beckwith Peak

This is the first of my landscape photos.
This is Beckwith Peak in the bookcliffs of Emery County in Utah. It's a very prominent peak that doesn't get a lot of attention except for an occasional photographer.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mother's Kiss

I was able to find an example of what I consider a full-bodied sculpture. This one I call Mother's Kiss. That's what it looks like to me. The sculpture is actually small relative to many that I see. In fact I may not have seen it if I was not looking carefully. This may even be a sculpture that represents the Christ child.

Three Wise Monkeys

This is a picture of the three wise monkeys. This rock formation is found just after you enter Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. I don't believe that this is a formation that has been sculpted by man. I may be wrong but it I just don't feel that it is. Partly because these goblins can be found in such abundance in the park and other areas where this particular formation, Entrada sandstone, is exposed. It does have the appearance of perhaps being sculpted intentionally but I'm just not sure that it is. It does have features that I often look for in a formation that has been sculpted by man however. These features are usually eyes, nose and mouth. Sometimes I will also find ears. Some sculptures that I have seen that are ancient are even full bodied. I don't have a good sample currently of a full bodied sculpture but I intend to sometime and will post one when I do. My next couple of posts will be landscape photos.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buckhorn Wash Pictograph

This is perhaps a better example of a pictograph. Or at least it can be seen a bit more clearly. Most seem to be painted in red. This one is in Buckhorn Wash in Emery County, Utah. There are several nice panels at this location and it is well visited.

Sego Canyon Pictographs

This is an example of a pictograph. A pictograph is rock art that is painted on rather than carved or pecked. Rock art that is carved or pecked is a petroglyph. This is one of several panels located just north of Interstate 70 near Thompson, Utah. Some researchers feel that some of these symbols at Sego Canyon resembe Aztec symbols. In fact this area of Utah is one of the areas of the southwestern United States being considered for the location of the mysterious Aztlan.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rochester Panel

This is a very good example of a petroglyph. This one is known as the Rochester Panel. At least one researcher feels that there are symbols on this rock that are Egyptian or resemble Egyptian heiroglyphics. The resemblance may be rather crude when compared to other Egyptian heiroglyphics. When one speaks of rock art petroglyphs or pictographs are usually what comes to mind rather than some of the other rock art on this site that are sculptures.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Pig Rock

This rock resembles a pig. I do not believe that this is natural. I believe it is man made. Wind and water would not cause erosion in this manner. This rock is probably a trail marker. I do not know how to interpret it as to direction or who is permitted on the road or highway. I have heard of rocks in other geographical areas that also resemble a pig.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is a rock formation that appears to me to be obviously sculpted by man. Who sculpted it I don't know. There are a few theories. One is that it represents diety. Another theory is that it is related to the KGC. For more information on the KGC watch the recent movie with Nicholas Cage titled "National Treasure 2." It is known locally as Stoneface. He looks kind of mean so we have called him Sternface. It is located in North Fork of the Duchesne River near Hanna, Utah.
It appears that someone stuck a stick in his mouth. It looks like he is chewing on a toothpick. Also he appears to have one eye closed. Is he winking? If so, what is he winking at? Could it actually be treasure? Could it be a mine? Could it be a burial site? Does he appear to be mean but actually have a sense of humor and a soft heart? If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions please tell me.

Rock Art Photos

I will feature petroglyphs and pictographs but the kind of rock art I want to spotlight is rock art formations that resemble people or animals. I believe these rock art formations, at least many or most of them, are not natural but are rather man made. The formation may or may not be manmade but the art that they resemble I believe is man made in many instances. Made by one or more cultures from the past.
These photos are pictures that I have taken. That makes them unique and I feel rare. Many of them of them you won't find anywhere else because no one else knows where to go to take most of these pictures. I have only recently discovered the locations. There was a friend of mine that helped me to know where and what to look for in this form of rock art. I also have some beautiful landscape photos that to me are pretty good and again most of them won't be found anywhere else or if they are they are hard to find. These rock art photos and landscape photos I feel complement each other and give me a style that is unique to me. Some of these photos can be viewed at Thank you.