Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yet another mound.

I came to realize that this mound looks a lot like the mound in the post of October 17. This one is apparently much smaller but the shape and colors are similar. Also they are not very far apart geographically.

Mat Warner inscription. Some serious rock art.

Now this is some serious rock art. This isn't Spanish. It isn't Indian. It isn't some teenage midnight party. And it likely isn't Jesuit. But could it me KGC? Are all outlaws KGC? Looks more like a cowboy leaving something for posterity. I know Matt Warner went from outlaw to lawman and was a constable in Price in his later years and maybe this was done at this time. But I choose to associate it with the cowboy in him. It does have a bull in it. But is it code? Why is Matt spelled with just one "t". And does the formation of the letters have some special meaning? Who knows?

Potential burial mound?

I believe this is another potential burial mound. I am not saying that this is a burial mound. But it does look out of place. It has interesting coloration. I see this occasionally in these mounds also.

Dirt bike mound

This is a mound that looks like it has seen a bit of dirt bike action. Looks to me like it has potential for being a burial mound. I see these frequently in the outdoors and I wonder if that is what they are.