Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old stove

A couple of my friends who happen to be twins had me take them up to Driggs, Idaho for the 80th birthday party of one of their relatives. After the birthday party we went out to the farm and house where they grew up. I believe they lived their first five years in the house where this stove is. I just had to have a picture of this stove and every time I see this picture it just gives me a good feeling. Another bit of nostalgia that we all feel from time to time. It seems like most everyone has at least some interest in antiques. I'm not sure I'll get another chance to do any more posts this month so I just had to get some of these pictures in.

Driftwood log

I just love this image. Must be the lighting and contrast. It seems that people are always fascinated by water. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls and fountains seem to interest people. This log is just another element in this river of water. Driftwood seems to have it's own fascination with people. I'll bet most people know someone who just goes out to collect a piece of wood from the desert just to put in the front yard. Maybe you have done it yourself or wanted to.

Snake River

The Snake River at Idaho Falls. This is a favorite place for many people in Idaho Falls to spent a quiet, leisurely evening. There are many things to do here. Just walk, jog, walk your dog, get some meditation and there are plenty of restaurants nearby also. I saw people doing all of these activities and the scenery is spectacular. These are just some of the examples for recreation here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Debris pile

I wonder how long this pile of logs and debris has been there. This is just one of many scenic pictures that I took here in Idaho Falls on the Snake River. I just keep on clicking and then see how they turn out to see which ones I like.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Basic rock art

This is taken on the Snake River in Idaho Falls. I will post at least a couple more pictures this month and you will be able to see that this is a beautiful place for taking pictures. This one here is rather basic or simple. I guess you could call it rock art but not in the sense of anything we have discussed so far. This art would be in the eye of the beholder. I like the ducks and even the weeds or grass are elements in this photo that add to its quality. But the rocks are still the subject here. There is just so much at this park in Idaho Falls that is just gorgeous.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Highway 33

I decided for September I am going to take a break from Rock Art Formations and post some landscape photos. This one is taken looking east toward the Tetons and on the way to Driggs, Idaho from St. Anthony.