Friday, March 27, 2009

Passage to Zarahemla, Emma Smith and Baptists at our Barbecue

For those of you who have come in regard to Outlaw Trail, I have a couple of other recommendations for good movies that I have viewed recently and really liked. Passage to Zarahemla and Baptists at our Barbecue were great and I would recommend them. They are also available through Amazon. Emma Smith: My Story is also available. Just click on the Outlaw Trail logo to the right and do your shopping. And of course please tell your friends.
Thank you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly Shy St. Anthony Squirrel

This is the best picture I could get of this little guy. I took it just before I left the park in St. Anthony, Idaho where I furnished a couple of friends transportation to their family reunion in St. Anthony. He was a bit shy and a little elusive but it did come out pretty good.

Orange Marigold?

As I said I'm not very well with my flowers but I do believe this is a marigold and of course it is orange. It is also on the temple grounds of the Rexburg LDS Temple.

Yellow Flowers

I don't know my flowers very well but I believe these are marigolds. These are also on the temple grounds of the Rexburg Temple. It was a beautiful day to visit the temple and take pictures.


Looks like it's been over a month since I did any new posts to this blog. I just haven't been out taking any new pictures of any rock art or rock art formations. So I am adding some pictures of flowers. I took these last year in Idaho. They are on the temple grounds of the new Rexburg LDS Temple. Since this is March which is spring and hence associated with flowers it seems appropriate anyway. But I soon hope to get out and take some more rock art pictures to post and stay with the theme of the blog.