Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looks like a gateway entrance.

In the distance about twenty miles away is a long bluff or mountain. These two bluffs on the right and left seem to not only frame the distant mountain but also provide a gateway. If you look closely at the right and left bluffs you may be able to see profiles of faces. They are there but are hard to see on this reduced image. This not only makes a good landscape photo but is also a good rock art formation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sternface Crop

This is a cropped image of a picture I took of a rock formation that I call Sternface. This is the crop that the previous sketch was made from. This stoneface in the Uinta Mountains of Utah may be a carving or representation of God to the Native Americans. The Native American words for God are Towats and Shinob. Towats being Father in Heaven and Shinob being the Savior.

Sternface Sketch

Here is a sketch of Sernface. We have named him Sternface because he looks kind of mean or stern. This is actually a rock formation in Utah in the Uinta Mountains and is known as stoneface on USGS topo maps. I will post a regular photo of this sketch so you can get a better picture or idea of what he actually looks like. Sternface is the most popular of almost 100 pictures that I have posted on redbubble.