Monday, June 30, 2008

Castle Gate

This is a common and prominent rock formation that is right by highway 6 in Carbon County. I had never really noticed faces here until I looked and I have passed this feature many times over many years. I can see one very obvious rock face. Its on the right side near the bottom. I can see a forehead, recessed eye, nose. upper lip, mouth and chin. When all those ingredients are present it's hard to say that this is natural rather than made or modified by man.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spanish Window

On the Okie blog that I link to on the right there is a post about Spanish window rocks. This picture looks like it has one to me. There is also a rock formation that looks like a bear and cub. There is also a rock formation that looks like the profile of an Indian. Perhaps even more than one Indian profile. The rock that makes up the right side of the window looks like a bird to me. Any one else see these items? What do you see?

Monkey Face

I was asked about this picture on one of the forum groups that I belong to. I called it monkey face because when I first took the picture that's what it looked like to me. I showed it to a person who told me it looked Mongoloid. There are also two objects behind the monkey face. If someone knows what these objects represent I would appreciate being clued in because I would like to know what they are and if there is any meaning to them. My understanding is that Mongoloid would be related to the Chinese. I believe there may be a Hmong connection. I believe also that there may be a connection with the Jaredites mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Anyone else have any ideas?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here is the meercat

Just in case someone could't see the meercat I outlined it for convenience.

Egyptian meercat in Utah?

Last night I saw a special about Meercat Manor on Nightline on ABC. For that reason I am posting this picture that has what I believe to be a meercat perched on top of a spire rock. I'm sure the spire represents something but I don't know what. I suspect it may be a king or Pharaoh. I definitely feel that this was done on purpose by man and is not a result of natural erosion. I dedicate this post to Chris Vanocur of ABC channel 4 here in Utah. I have also invited Chris to come here to take a look at my blog for at least two reasons. One is to expose my blog and get visitors. Two is to get converts and interest in these rock art formations, many of which I believe are not natural but are indeed made or at least modified by man.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the top right corner of this picture there is a small circle around an image that looks like a man sitting down. It doesn't show up very well but it is there. This is another example of a rock formation that to me is not natural erosion. This is man made. For another example go to the Okie blog listed on the right and check out the post of June 1, 2008 titled "Interpreting Spanish Faces." I'm not sure the one on my blog is Spanish. I wish I knew it's origin but it does not look like a trail marker. It is not in the right place nor is it obvious enough. In fact you need binoculars, the right light an some luck in order to see it. I can't even find it on the photo sometimes and I know where it is. Of course part of that may be old age. Alec does a good job of explaining the meaning of Spanish faces used as trail markers on his blog. If you double click on the image above it will enlarge so you can see it a bit better.