Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Claimjumper Story.

The claim jumper story.  

In December, SITLA's attorney John Andrews sent a letter to Shuman after the school trust lands administration noticed that Gold Rush was marketing leases to school trust lands property that it had not yet acquired. The paperwork for the transaction had not yet been completed, Andrews said, yet the property in Utah's west desert was posted as available on the Internet.

"Gold Rush at that point was selling something it had no legal right to," Andrews said in an interview.

Another letter in April from Andrews to Shuman was more stern, indicating the agency had received information from the BLM and local law enforcement that Gold Rush had staked mining claims on school trust lands and sold them to third parties with no legal right. The letter included a warning that Gold Rush did not have permission to enter the agency's property to stake claims and any violation would be treated as trespassing.

Thiem said he feels like he paid $10,000 to Gold Rush for nothing, and has not had his money refunded.

He and Shuman have exchanged hostile emails and Thiem says now of Gold Rush, "They need to be stopped."

Shuman contends his disgruntled customer doesn't understand the paperwork he has in his own hands that documents legal rights to mining claims. He said he is being fed misinformation by a Tooele County man who wants the claims for himself.

Shuman blames any dust-up on Thomas Waite of Stansbury Park, who he asserts is working for a mining company trying to gobble up claims for itself. Waite confirmed that he is a consultant for a mining company, but he alleges that it's Gold Rush jumping claims.

This us a story about a guy that is now under investigation for selling claims that another individual says he does not or did not have. He also apparently sold a lease on state land he was not entitled to. Here is the story. Just click on the link below. ....

Do a search with "claimjumper".  The story aired May 24, 2012.  

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